England Itinerary: A Journey Through History, Culture, And Nature

England Itinerary Where to Go in England by Rick Steves Uk travel

England is an amazing place to visit, as it is rich in history, culture, and nature. With a variety of different cities and attractions, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a history buff, a nature lover, or just looking for a good time, England is the perfect destination for a memorable journey. Here is an England itinerary that will take you on a journey through history, culture, and nature.

London – History, Culture, and Shopping

London is the perfect place to start your journey. This vibrant city is filled with history, culture, and shopping. Take a tour of the Tower of London, where you can learn about the monarchs that have shaped the city. Visit the British Museum to explore the vast collection of artifacts from around the world. Spend an afternoon strolling through the shops of Oxford Street, or take a leisurely walk through the picturesque parks. No matter what you choose to do, London promises an unforgettable experience.

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Stonehenge – Ancient Wonders

Head out of the city and explore the ancient wonders of Stonehenge. This mysterious monument has captivated people for centuries, and it is sure to leave you in awe. Learn about the history of the monument and its significance to the ancient people who built it. Take in the stunning views of the countryside as you explore the area around the monument.

Bath – Georgian Architecture and Roman Ruins

Head to the city of Bath and explore its Georgian architecture and Roman ruins. Take a tour of the city and admire the beautiful buildings and monuments, including the stunning Bath Abbey. Visit the Baths of Roman Baths to learn about the ancient civilization that once inhabited the city. Relish in the stunning views of the surrounding countryside as you explore.

Stratford-upon-Avon – Shakespeare’s Hometown

Travel to Stratford-upon-Avon and explore the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Visit the Royal Shakespeare Company to watch a performance of one of the Bard’s plays. Stroll through the town and learn about the life and works of the famous playwright. Explore the charming streets and shops of the town, and take in the beautiful views of the River Avon.

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The Lake District – Natural Beauty

Continue your journey and explore the stunning natural beauty of the Lake District. Admire the stunning views of the lakes and the surrounding countryside. Take a boat ride on one of the lakes and explore the area. Climb the highest peaks and take in the magnificent views. Spend a few days exploring the area and relish in the peaceful atmosphere of the Lake District.

York – Medieval Architecture and Cultural Experiences

Travel to the city of York and experience its rich history and culture. Take a tour of York Minster and admire the stunning medieval architecture. Visit the National Railway Museum and explore the fascinating collection of locomotives. Shop in the quaint marketplaces and explore the city’s vibrant nightlife. York promises a truly unique experience.

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Northumberland – Castles and Coastline

Head to Northumberland and explore its stunning castles and coastline. Visit the dramatic ruins of Hadrian’s Wall and learn about the Roman occupation of the area. Explore the ruins of the many castles scattered around the area, including Alnwick Castle and Bamburgh Castle. Take in the breathtaking views of the coastline as you explore the area.

Oxford – Learning and Exploring

Continue your journey and explore the historic city of Oxford. Visit the University of Oxford and explore its many colleges. Take a tour of the Bodleian Library and admire its vast collection of books. Explore the city’s many museums and galleries, or take a leisurely stroll through the city’s parks and gardens. Oxford promises a truly unique experience.


England is a country of remarkable beauty, history, and culture. With this itinerary, you can explore England’s rich history, culture, and nature. From the vibrant city of London to the stunning Lake District, this journey will take you on a memorable journey through England’s history, culture, and nature.