Indian Food In London, England: A Fusion Of Flavors

The Ultimate Tourist's Guide to Indian Food in London Plum Guide

London, England is home to many different cultures, and the food reflects this diversity. Indian food in London offers a flavorful fusion of traditional and updated recipes, with a variety of regional dishes to choose from. From the classic Indian curries and rice dishes to innovative street food and fusion dishes, there is something to suit every taste.

Regional Dishes

London is home to many regional Indian dishes, and the flavors are varied and exciting. From the spicy curries of the north, to the milder dishes of the south, London restaurants offer a variety of authentic regional dishes. If you’re looking for something truly unique, try one of the fusion dishes that combine traditional flavors with modern ingredients.

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Street Food and Takeaways

London is also home to a thriving street food culture, with many Indian restaurants offering takeaway and delivery options. If you’re looking for a quick and easy lunch or dinner, street food is the perfect option. Choose from traditional samosas and pakoras, chicken tikka and biryani, or street food favorites like samosa chaat, bhel puri, and pav bhaji.

Fusion Dishes

For those looking for something a bit different, London restaurants offer a variety of fusion dishes. These dishes combine traditional Indian flavors with elements from other cuisines, including Chinese and Thai. Popular fusion dishes include tandoori tacos, thai-style curries, and Chinese-style biryani. If you’re looking for something unique, these fusion dishes are sure to please.

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Fine Dining Indian Restaurants

For an upscale dining experience, London is home to many fine dining Indian restaurants. Here, you’ll find traditional dishes served with a modern twist, as well as innovative dishes created by award-winning chefs. From sumptuous curries to delicate desserts, these restaurants offer an unforgettable dining experience.

Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes

London’s Indian restaurants also offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Many dishes are naturally vegan or vegetarian, and restaurants often offer special menus and options for those following a plant-based diet. There are also vegan and vegetarian street food options, from samosas and pakoras to dosas and chaat.

Desserts and Drinks

Indian food in London isn’t complete without a selection of desserts and drinks. From classic kulfi and gulab jamun to innovative ice cream flavors and fusion desserts, there’s something to satisfy every sweet tooth. Traditional drinks like lassi and masala chai are also available, as well as a variety of modern cocktails and mocktails.

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Festive Celebrations

London’s Indian restaurants host many festive celebrations throughout the year. From Diwali to Holi, restaurants offer special menus and events to celebrate the holiday season. These celebrations are a great way to experience Indian culture and cuisine in a unique and exciting way.


London’s Indian food scene is vibrant and exciting, with something to suit every taste. From traditional regional dishes to innovative fusion dishes, there is something to please everyone. For those looking for an unforgettable dining experience, London’s Indian restaurants offer a world of flavors and experiences.